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Preventive Action August 2022

Advisories are issued by the Commission from time to time to alert the organizations about the vulnerabilities in the organizations, policies, systems and procedures which pose a risk of corruption.

1.   Commission vide its Office Memorandum No.022/MSC/022 dated 11.08.2022 had issued guidelines regarding nomination for recognizing the work of officials/personnel of Ministries/Departments/PSUs/PSBs who have been vigilance/alert in their assigned tasks leading to prevention of misappropriation of funds/unwarranted incidents etc. for saving the organisation from financial/reputational risk to all CVOs of Ministries/ Departments/Organisations.

2.   Commission vide its Circular No.16/08/22 dated 29.08.2022 had issued guidelines regarding amendment/modification to Para 8.1 of Chapter VIII of Vigilance Manual, 2021 - Vigilance Angle in Public Sectort Banks to Secretaries/Chief Executives and CVOs of Ministries / Departments of GoI/CPSUs/PSBs/PSICs/FIs/Autonomous Bodies etc.

3.   Commission vide its Circular No.17/08/22 dated 29.08.2022 had issued guidelines regarding uploading of Commission's circulars/guidelines, subsequent to release of Vigilance Manual, 2021 to Secretaries/Chief Executives and CVOs of Ministries/Departments of GoI/CPSUs/PSBs/PSICs/FIs/Autonomous Bodies etc