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1. The PIDPI complaint should be in a closed/ secured envelope and should be addressed to Secretary, Central Vigilance Commission. The envelope should clearly be inscribed with “Complaint under the Public Interest Disclosure” or “PIDPI”

2. The PIDPI complainant should give his/her name and address in the beginning or end of complaint or in an attached letter. The name and address should NOT be mentioned on the envelope

3. Only complaints pertaining to employees of the Central Government or of any corporation established by or under any Central Act, Government companies, societies or local authorities owned or controlled by the Central Government fall under the jurisdiction of the Commission. Personnel employed by the State Governments and activities of the State Governments or its Corporations etc. will not come under the purview of the Commission

4. Complaints should be sent via post only. Complaints received through emails, Complaint Management Portal or any other electronic medium will not be entertained

5. In order to protect identity of the person, the Commission will not issue any acknowledgement and the whistle-blowers are advised not to enter into any further correspondence with the Commission in their own interest. The Commission assures that, subject to the facts of the case being verifiable, it will take the necessary action, as provided under the Government of India Resolution mentioned above

6. The complaints should have vigilance angle and should not be for grievance redressal

7. PIDPI complaints should not include details that identify the complainant. If the inclusion of such details is unavoidable then a normal complaint may be lodged in the CVC portal

8. Previous circulars and letters on PIDPI are available on the website of the Commission and may be referred to for further details.

Date of issue शीर्षक डाउनलोड
04-02-2022 Regarding closure of complaints which does not qualify prima-facie as PIDPI complaints without submission to screening committee डाउनलोड (61.13 KB) pdf
26-11-2021 Non disclosure of the identity of the sender under PIDPI डाउनलोड (368.77 KB) pdf
30-07-2021 Processing of PIDPI Complaints by the Screening Committee of the Commission- Reg. डाउनलोड (400.41 KB) pdf
03-03-2021 D/o Post instruction for non-disclosure of the identity of the complainant under 'PIDPI Resolution डाउनलोड (114.9 KB) pdf
24-04-2019 Processing of PIDPI complaints by the Screening Committee of the Commission डाउनलोड (344.98 KB) pdf
11-03-2019 Applicability of provisions of PIDPI Resolution 2004 and adoption of Whistle Blower Mechanism in the Public Sector banks - reg. डाउनलोड (292 KB) pdf
28-09-2018 GOI PIDPI Resolution- revised timeline for submission of report डाउनलोड (404.3 KB) pdf
16-06-2014 Guidelines issued by DoPT on PIDPI Resolution vide O.M. dated 16.06.2014 authorising CVOs as Designated Authority to receive complaints under PIDPI Resolution डाउनलोड (652.59 KB) pdf
03-09-2013 DoPT instruction on PIDPI Resolution dated 03-09-2013 forwarding Gazette Notification dated 29-08-2013 डाउनलोड (524.33 KB) pdf
13-02-2012 Whistle Blower Complaints - Guidelines डाउनलोड (357.37 KB) pdf
17-05-2004 Office Order No.33/5/2004 dated 17-05-2004 and Press Release/Public Notice issued by the Commission डाउनलोड (12.35 KB) PDF
17-05-2004 Important Features of the Whistle-Blowers Resolution डाउनलोड (46.18 KB) pdf
17-05-2004 How to lodge Whistle Blower complaints under Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer (PIDPI) Resolution - Public Notice. डाउनलोड (354.21 KB) pdf
21-04-2004 GOI PIDPI Resolution dated 21.04.2004 & corrigendum dated 29.04.2004 and amendments dated 14.08.2013 डाउनलोड (460.27 KB) pdf