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शीर्षक डाउनलोड / लिंक
Guidelines for dealing with disagreement between DA and CVC in cases of granting Sanction for Prosecution - reg. डाउनलोड (2.8 MB) pdf
Disposal of old pending cases डाउनलोड (426.62 KB) pdf
Submission of charge assumption report by the newly appointed CVOs to the Commission- reminder डाउनलोड (82.01 KB) pdf
Regarding submission of charge-taking report by newly appointed Chief Vigilance Officers- Reminder डाउनलोड (75.89 KB) pdf
IT enabled application in CVC for the Core Processes डाउनलोड (289.37 KB) pdf
Action on CBI reports- Revised time limit for furnishing comments to the Commission डाउनलोड (659.44 KB) pdf
OECD commends Transparency Initiatives of CVC डाउनलोड (630.57 KB) pdf
Purchase of share by CVOs and other officials in vigilance set up.... डाउनलोड (525.68 KB) pdf
Computerisation of Annual Property Returns of Officer/staff डाउनलोड (41.15 KB) pdf