CVO Appintment

File No Date of Issue Subject Downloads Link
022-CVO-09 26/09/2022 Short-term arrangements in the post of CVO-Clarification Download (483.81 KB) pdf
022-CVO-09 24/03/2022 Short term arrangements in the post of CVO Download (575.89 KB) pdf
022-CVO-08 21/03/2022 Procedure for appointment of part time CVO and tenure thereof. Download (2.45 MB) pdf
98-CVO-41 19/11/2020 Additional charge arrangements of CVOs of certain PSUs and appointment of Part-Time CVO's Download (104.38 KB) pdf
020-CVO-10 14/08/2020 Forwarding panel of officers to the Commission for appointment of part-time Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) in Ministries/Departments/Autonomous Institutions etc Download (269.88 KB) pdf
5P-CVO-101 29/10/2009 Entrusting of additional charge/responsibility to a Full time CVO Download (219.92 KB) pdf
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