What's New

Online proposals of vigilance clearance - 13/09/2022
Confirmation on timely submission of Annual lmmovable property Return (AlPR) in the proposals seeking input of the commission on vigilance status of officers for empanelment - 13/09/2022
Entrusting of additional charge/responsibility to a Full time CVO - 13/09/2022
Forwarding panel of officers to the Commission for appointment of part-time Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) in Ministries/Departments/Autonomous Institutions etc - 28/09/2022
Additional charge arrangements of CVOs of certain PSUs and appointment of Part-Time CVO's - 13/09/2022
Procedure for appointment of part time CVO and tenure thereof. - 13/09/2022
Short term arrangements in the post of CVO - 13/09/2022
Nomination for recognizing the work of officials personnel of Ministries, Deptt, PSUs, PSEBs who have been vigilant alert in their assigned tasks leading to prevention of misappropriation of funds unwarranted incidents etc - 11/08/2022
Appointment to the post of Assistant Director (Official Language) in the Commission - 11/08/2022
Circular number 22/VGL/29-521129 Dated 11/08/2022 regarding observance of Vigilance Awareness Week 2022 - 11/08/2022
Intimation to CVC & CBI in cases pending for sanction for prosecution - 29/07/2022
Observance Of Vigilance Awareness Week 2022 : Preventive Vigilance measures cum housekeeping activities : 3 Months Campaign - 25/07/2022
Revised proforma for furnishing details of officers by the carde controlling authorities while seeking vigilance clearance modification of points no 13 - 13/09/2022
Updation of Manual on Procurement of Goods, Services, Works and Consultancy etc. - 14/07/2022
Advisory Board for banking and financial frauds (ABBFF)- extension of scope - 14/07/2022